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SSL Certificate - expiration and 3rd party use

Hello!  First time posting.  

As part of buying a package for a WP cPanel site, an SSL certificate was part of the package.  Now the business I was working on the site for went into suspend mode because the owner is on a 6month or more medical leave.  So that project is suspended. 


My understanding is the SSL certificate is not GoDaddy-specific; it can be used elsewhere (say, Wix). 

Is this true?


Second, it's not clear if the 1yr certificate started the 1yr clock the day it was issued, or is it that there is 1yr to activate it towards a site, and then it's active for the 1yr duration?


Thanks for your insights and time.  

Community Team
Community Team

The SSL  billing cycle starts from the day it was added to the account, not from the day it was issued.  If you want to use the SSL on third party hosting, you can certainly do that, but you will need to make sure that the hosting provider allows the installation of third party SSL certificates.