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SSL & SAN for Subdomain

Could the SAN certificate be used to protect multiple sub-domains, and if so, could the wildcard certificate we have now be replaced with the SAN certificate?


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Hi @goboldfish. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! 


You can definitely use a UCC SSL Certificate to cover multiple subdomains. Wildcards are better for when you have a large number of subdomains you need to protect. However, there's no way to change an SSL Certificate from one type to another. You would need to purchase and request a new UCC certificate in order to replace your wildcard. Hope that helps! 


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The SAN can protect multiple domains, and subdomains.  'Subject Alternate Names', many different sites.  A Wildcard SSL will protect ONLY that domain and ALL subdomains of that specific domain.  So if you are wanting to protect,,, etc.. a Wildcard would work well.  


If you wanted to protect,,, etc.. Then the SAN needs to be implemented.  Hope that makes sense.


William Sullivan

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