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SSl certificate renewal revoke

The problem is the SSL certificate auto renewed which we didn't want, now we want to cancel it and get a refund, but there is no one answering the phone line, as well as chat is offline. This happened on friday, two months prior to our one year as account holders on GoDaddy. We have been calling only to be put on hold for half hour which for calling raters from Croatia is too much. Can someone tell us what can we do. We dont want the certificate, want a refund and after this are seriously considering cancelling all we have from GoDaddy.


Thank you,



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Hi @zlatko,

the reason chat is offline is that right now at 11:30 UK time, it is only 3:30 am in Arizona USA.

You will have to make chat agents a cup of tea and some toast and gently wake them up and get them out of bed.


wait another two hours for them to get to their posts..................

Chat Arizona USA local time 5am ~ 6pm.

Hi @Retired,


I am on CET, so here it is 12:30. I have been trying to get through for the last three days. So i sincerely doubt they are sleeping as the page offers 24/7 service available Worldwide. I have tried several phone numbers. If you have a support phone for UK then I expect to be in the working hours of UK or its timezone. Nowhere on this site does it say that the chat is available only Arizona timezone working hours. This is a major trust issue as you can imagine. One of the key reasons we picked GoDaddy was the fact it prides itself with amazing 24/7 year round support.


And I still have no answer and refund options will be stated as my mistake in terms of timeframes, which I have no fault whatsoever since the GoDaddy support is selectable and offline as well as putting on hold for half hour+.






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Please don't be rude with me, I am trying to help!!


CHAT is available Arizona local time 5am ~ 6pm!!

PHONES are 24/7 but there are wait times depending on how busy the lines are.


And YES it is only now 3:45 am in Arizona so I expect that chat agents have maybe just switched their alarm clocks off and headed for a shower..............................

Are you not in bed at 3:45 am???


Another moot point is that by agreeing to auto-renew you have agreed to the terms and the payment for a service.....................................



i am sorry you read my tone to be any rudness towards you. it is my dissapointment at the poor service that GoDaddy support offers apparently.


There is no information on chat availability, nor is it stated that it is Arizona timezone, for that info I thank you, and will wait even if i stay up all night before handling this issue.


And another thing is if it is guaranteed 24/7 service and they have visible caller ID which identifies all the customers, than if i have called almost a dozen times with no succes, would it not be ok if we have received a call back?

And as well as it is not my concern if they are taking showers, eating breakfast or sleeping. 24/7 means all over the world that you can reach it at any given moment. For that you have several shifts working.


And if I worked in a Company that has graveyard shifts, then I wouldnt be in bed at 3.45 am, but at work.


Auto-renewal is something that by our lack of knowing it was turned on happend with this service, since we have had a designer set it all up when launching all neccesary for our websites.

But with viewing my first purchase, all services were bought for a period of one year which is to expire a month and a half from now. If it was stated that the SSL was xy/year than that year is what we learn as infants, a period of 12 months and not 10 and a half.


With that said, no one expected autorenewal and our bank account statement for friday was a shock since we expected all of this in May.


Now I am quite sure we will consider other providers.


Nevertheless, thank you for giving me at least some info since the official support is offline.



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'There is no information on chat availability, nor is it stated that it is Arizona timezone, for that info I thank you'......


There is a reason we are called Pro members......................

But there are limits in what we can do, or how much we are prepared to help, as we are not paid members of staff or support, yet we offer support freely.


Support will explain it all best to you......................

Good luck and have a nice day Smiley Happy