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Strange SSL related problem.

We have 5 hosting accounts. 4 work fine with SSL/HTTPS. On the 5th we have a UUC 5 domain certificate. That account has 4 sites.


Since Saturday we've had intermittent problems connecting with the sites. The sites are running, others can access them, we just cannot access them via https from any computer/browser on our system. We can access any of our other sites via https. Our external IP doesn't show up on any black list, checked by GoDaddy and us.


The sites fail, after several hours they will work for a while and then fail again... that is we can access then we cannot. We are getting messages from various browsers indicating they can't make a secure connection.  If we remove ssl related info from htaccess file, we can access but not via https.


Our ISP is Comcast. All other https connections work fine, and it comes up and goes down, so I don't think it is related to them. If it was a flaky SSL cert, I imagine everyone would have the problem, not just our IP.


Worked with GoDaddy a while today, but they simply gave up telling me everything was working fine on their end.  Any ideas where to look next would be helpful.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Strange SSL related problem.

Hi @saftek. That definitely sounds like a frustrating situation. I'm sure our support team probably checked this for you, but I'd make sure your DNS is pointed to the correct server. Intermittent issues sometimes point to having unnecessary A Records. 


Another thing that could cause be causing problems is your antivirus program. You can try temporarily disabling it next time the issue occurs to see if that helps. 


Hope you're able to get this sorted out. Please update if you do. 


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Re: Strange SSL related problem.

Spontaneous correction, but then it happened again recently on a different hosting account.


The problems occurred after using a link checker product in both instances. Of course, I verified there was nothing malicious in the product, but I uninstalled it. I rekeyed the ssl certs as well. I believe there is a problem in our router which blocked access to an individual hosting account... maybe created because of a fault in the software package. Since only our local network was impacted it seems it had to be in our system. Haven't been able to confirm, everything has been working for the past couple of days.