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Unable to rekey certificate: "Please provide a CSR generated with at least 2048-bit keys"

 Hi all


I'm trying to re-key a SSL certificate for our Lync SIP listener. I've generated a Certificate Request and specified that the certificate uses 2048bit encryption. However, when I paste this certificate request into the GoDaddy page to re-key the certificate, it saves fine, but when I click the Submit button, a red banner appears at the top of the screen stating "Please provide a CSR generated with at least 2048-bit keys".


Not sure what to do with that. It has 2048-bit keys? Just to be pedantic, I did try and generate another key with 4096-bit keys, but it gives the same response.


Any help appreciated here would be great!

Community Manager

Hi @competenz. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! Sorry, it took so long for you to get a response. Hopefully, you've already figured this issue out. My guess is there's something in the CSR that's triggering the system to think it's not the right bit length. Without seeing the CRS, it would be hard to know what that was. If you haven't gotten this resolved already, please consider getting in touch with our support team. If you were able to resolve the issue, please consider leaving an update on this thread. Others may be able to benefit from what you experienced. 


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