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Windows 2012 r2 anywhere connect

I was trying to configure Anywhere Connect on Windows 2012 r2 server and received this message when attempting to use SSL certificate: 

to reuse an existing certificate, you must import a personal information exchange (PFX) certificate, which contains the private key. The certificate that you reuse must be issued to the domain name that you are setting up for your server .

How do I get the PFX certificate and Private Key info from my GoDaddy Standard SSL certificate?...or am I on the wrong path.

Thx you.

Resolver III

SSL certificate only contains a public part of your server key. GoDaddy will extract it from a CSR file that you submit when you request a new certificate.

Private key is stored in a separate file and is not sent to the certificate authority (i.e., GoDaddy in your case). If you used Windows to create the CSR, the private key should be stored inside the Windows internal key storage.

If that's the case, it will be linked to your new certificate when you import the certificate - simply double clicking it in Windows usually works. You may want to google "Export private key and certificate from windows". One such description is





I've worked around (not only) SSL security for over 20 years in enterprises and startups. 

I am now running an HTTPS expiry management service