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not understanding difference between UCC/SAN SSL and wildcard SSLcertificates

if i have three servers say - -

what SSl certificate would suite my need. do I need UCC/SAN SSL or  wildcard SSL ?


in other words, if I bought one SSl certificate for ,does the certificate 

work if installed for three servers(site1,site2,site3) running different services ?


I appreciate your quick response.


Helper I


Both will help you. The main difference is that a UCC will protect a specific number of domains starting from 5 all the way up to 100 and it can be any FQDN you want. That means even different domains, subdomains, etc. Plus you have to choose them one by one what you want to protect.

The Wildcard will protect 1 domain and all of its subdomains. This means that if you have and you create all kind of **** they will be protected. Be careful tho, the wildcard if its set up to the, it will only protect 1 level subdomains. Which means it will only protect subdomain like & not (<-- 2 level subdomain).

The SSLs from godaddy can be installed at as many servers as you want, so don't worry about that.

I hope this helps.

thanks Omiros for the informative replay,I appreciate.

so the wild card certificate(e.g * can only protect on sub-level domain,while UCC can protect even two level domain ?

please confirm , and thanks again for your valuable info.


Sorry for my late response. Haven't been on recently.

You are right. Wildcard can protect one level subdomain from the one you set up while UCC will protect any domain you choose.