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ssl related issue when uploading a plugin to a godaddy managed wordpress site

I was working on modifying a custom plugin and got a pr_connect_reset_error the last time I tried to upload. I could do anything else on the site, but when I tried to upload the plugin, I would get the same error.


I moved to the staging site which is not ssl and got a more vague error. Again, I could do anything on the staging site except upload a plugin.


I was in the process of deactivating plugins one by one thinking support would try to blame it on a conflict. As I was trying the last one, it started working again. I re-activated the plugin and upload still worked. I went to the production site and it was suddenly working there too.


I'm wondering if there were issues that godaddy was working on mid afternoon that would explain this.


I don't see why this error could affect only 1 page/function of the website when it seems to be an error to do with the security certificate. Wouldn't it affect the whole site?

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Super User I

Re: ssl related issue when uploading a plugin to a godaddy managed wordpress site

Hello @rdebruynEIS 


There could have possibly been a hiccup on your tenant earlier today. Or just the process of going through the troubleshooting step like you did, could have self-corrected the issue as well. 


I don't see anything on the GoDaddy System status page for today. 

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