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Community Manager

Answers to frequently viewed SmartLine questions

Hey everyone! As mentioned in our Welcome and Announcements board, we recently held an "AMA" with some members of our product team. We found a number of posts in the community that had a lot of views but were unsolved, then we found a solution for them. You can find the results for the SmartLine board below!


Can Smartline display caller's location?


Cannot make a call using the app


Send text to multiple recipients


Adding a Business Name to your Smartline


Multiple lines for business


Choosing a local phone number


Can I retrieve all of my text messages that were accidentally deleted?


Caller ID not showing from SmartLine


How can I send photos in text messages?


Smartline is modifying my contact info!


Port-out from Smartline to carrier failing


Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation


Calls coming through but no one is there


Get a Second Phone Line For Business On your Cell - while Keeping your Personal Number Private!


Outbound caller id is a NECESSITY


Smartline Group Texting


Greeting isn’t taking


Is it possible to request a specific number when setting up a local number?


How do I get it to where a phone rings and doesn't go straight to voicemail?


Text Messages Not Sending or Receiving - No Error


No picture messaging or MMS?!?!


SmartLine not receiving confirmation texts from website


JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.