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Block Private/Restricted Calls

Is it possible to blocked other types of calls. There is only the ability for an input of numerics.
I would agreed that other users of this service have experienced unwanted back to back calls from trollers. It is 0150 hrs here and someone keeps calling my business number playing obnoxious music from a RESTRICTED number and I do not have any power of use to remove such gratuitous behavior as such.
Will there be a method in place to give users the functionality of removing accessible callers using "*67" or other means to conceal their caller ID? I believe it's only fair for business owners, companies and individuals to have the flexibility and comfort of knowing they do not have to deal with issues like this.
Any type of sensible reasoning or future implication in regards to mitigating this nonsense would suffice please.
I enjoy this type of resource without a doubt, but a factor as small but big as this can really damage favoritism in the long run. Thanks in advance!
LuceferCaine Customs

Product Team
Product Team

Re: Block Private/Restricted Calls

Hello @LuceferCaine 


Thanks for reaching out.


Unfortunately with private/restricted calls we can't block them because their actual number is not available for us the block.  However we are exploring ideas to help combat this issue, like giving you the option to block any calls identified as restricted/private/unknown.


Let us know if you have any additional questions.