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Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

Hello - I started using smartline 4 months ago.  I am very happy with the product and the service it provides.


I have 2 critiques that keep the app being about 3 out of 5 stars:


- The main screen should separate text messages and call logs.  It is hard to keep track of both in the current screen.  I wish I could just filter and see one or the other, primarily because many of us function by just text much of the time, so keeping those organized and separate from the call log, which is a bit less important to me.


- Secondly, I really wish that the app stored it's contacts separate from your phone's contacts.  I do not want all of my work clientele stored in my personal phone.  I would like that clientele to be stored within Smartline (ideally).  Because of the lack of this feature, the above problem is compounded because all my Smartline logs are exclusively phone numbers with no names attached.


These two fixes would easily make the smartline app a 5-star app.  The service and product is wonderful, but the interface with the app leaves something to be desired.


Hope this helps create a superior product.  Thanks

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Re: Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

Hi @dwallfrey,

Thanks for reaching out and glad to hear you are enjoying SmartLine.


Search and separate contacts in SmartLine is something we are starting to hear from the community. We will prioritize this for our development team when it becomes one of the top customer requests. 


Keep the feedback coming. 




Re: Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

@jruberte I believe this is a very common request from looking through the boards.  I also believe it is something that EVERYONE wants, whether they have spoken about it or not, the number of users on this forum versus actual users must be micro.  I believe 100% that everyone wants this feature, if you got smartline, then there is no reason you wouldn't.  The separation of personal and business is advertised as the key feature of smartline yet it barely separates anything other than what number someone calls.  

If it doesn't happen in the near future you will definitely lose this client unfortunately.  I am spending too much time bogged down in sorting through call logs and texts to find the one I need, it will drive me to getting a cheap new phone with its own line, which I really don't want to do!

Don't pass the buck, make it happen!

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Re: Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

Separating text from calls is really important in our business environment today. Also, being able to scrub/remove, or clean out the 'Phone (text) Log' is a must. Time is money. Frustrating to say the least. Any fixes out there?

Re: Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

No fixes on my end yet and unfortunate silence from GoDaddy. I’m considering getting a Google Phone and Google+ phone plan, as it’s monthly would be no more than $20 a month and would just be better as my business grows. Currently SmartLine is starting to become too cluttered and unorganized to facilitate business growth for me.

I’d love to keep it, and would but I see it inhibiting business growth in the next 6 months for me...
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Re: Smartline Call Logs and Text Message Separation

Is there a specific place to leave or vote on suggestions? I am a new Smartline customer as of this week and I switched from my old service specifically because one of your customer support representatives told me that business contacts could be kept separate from personal when I specifically asked. I was told, "that is the point of having a SmartLine number." Very dishonest/misleading and huge buyer's remorse already. 😞