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Smartline Calls From Desktop

Will this ever be possible? I'm re-evaluating the value of my subscription for keeping Smartline for business. If there was a desktop version that could be used to make calls from your computer that would be really useful and it would be more in line with some other options out there. Has anyone heard about this feature being on the horizon?

Product Team
Product Team

Re: Smartline Calls From Desktop

Hello @JB19 


Thanks for reaching out.


We're are considering it for future improvements but don't have a shareable timeframe.  It would be helpful to our team if you can share your feedback on how this feature will be beneficial to you and your business.




Re: Smartline Calls From Desktop

Is this feature not available or anyone know how to manually set up where you can call from Excel spreadsheet 

Re: Smartline Calls From Desktop

It would be very helpful when we are sitting in front of pc needing to speak to clients and make other calls. it's a drag to keep going to our phones every time. it would also makes it soo much more appealing to use.

Re: Smartline Calls From Desktop

Yes, this would be a helpful addition for us as well. 


We all spend a great deal of our time sitting at computers. It would be very helpful to be able to press a button to answer a call, or quickly type a text message without having to leave the keyboard and grab the phone.


I also frequently find myself wanting to copy some text from an email or other document, and paste that into a text message. Fortunately, that feature is built into my MacBook and iPhone - I can copy on the Mac and then paste on the iPhone - but it still means I have to leave the keyboard and pick up the phone to send the text.

Re: Smartline Calls From Desktop

I stumbled across this, with the very same thought.  I uses a Google voice account for another purpose, and the ability to answer and send text messages on the desktop is so useful.  Especially for an older person who's not great with thumb typing.  Adding this feature would keep me as a  customer, but it has me looking at other options in the meantime.