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Add Plugin button not appearing in WP dashboard

I have contacted GoDaddy several time with the issue. The add new plugin button doesn't appear in my dashboard. I have two websites both use the same theme, one has the button, the other doesn't. Godaddy support is anything but support. It appears all support wants to do is force me to pay additional for support. I have a managed word press account.


If you don't have a solution to my problem do you recommend someone other than GoDaddy to host my sites?


You can probably get the drift I am not very happy with GoDaddy right now.


Maybe someone here can help.

Helper V



Hi there,

I read your issue and thought, if this happened to me I would go into my ftp and reinstall the template on the one site... see if that does the trick??

Hope it does!!


Mrsroadrunner Photography

Little more details. I have two wordpress managed sites. I deleted one entire site and started a new one form scratch. The add plugin button shows in the dashboard before I add anything. So, I assume my problem is not with the template but a dashboard issue. Any thoughts or suggestions?