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Can't access wp-admin

I am taking over running a website for a company. I just purchased Managed Wordpress but I can't seem to access the wordpress dashboard. I keep getting this text:


We were checking our accounts and found that one or more of your WordPress installations is currently out of date. It's critical that you update WordPress, as its current version has some severe security vulnerabilities that put your website and hosting account in jeopardy.

We strongly recommend an upgrade to the latest stable verion of WordPress by following these steps:

1. Access the directory in which WordPress is installed via Webshell within your control panel or using your FTP client
2. Be sure to turn on the "show hidden" option and look for an .htaccess file in your WordPress directory. Delete or rename this .htaccess file
3. If you find an .htaccess.UNPROTECTED file, rename it to .htaccess
4. Login to your WordPress dashboard as an Administrator
5. At the top of the dashboard, WordPress will alert you to a new version; click the "update now" link
6. Follow the update wizard to complete the upgrade (The "Upgrade Automatically" option on the second step is recommended. You can read more about this feature here.)
7. We recommend that you further improve the security of your WordPress installation using 10 Useful WordPress Security Tweaks
8. Reset your Administrator user password

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via phone, ticket, or chat!

Thank you!


I don't know how their site was set up, to begin with. Here is the URL:

Community Team
Community Team

Were you able to gain access and perform the update?  If you're still seeing the same error, please reach out to our live support teams so we can review the current hosting setup and see what steps you'll need to take to get this updated correctly.  Thanks.