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Cannot Write To This File message



I am running into an issue with my WordPress site where the first line of the posts I make are showing up above the masthead of my site. It looks something like this: 



The Chicago Fire and USL-side St. Louis FC have ended their relationship. Chicago has ..." />

Fire On Ice Soccer logo
When I went to try to fix it, I saw an issue found by Wordfence. It said 


WordPress core file modified: wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php


When I clicked on 'Restore the  original version of this file' it said it could not write to this file. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?


Hey @jengelhardt,


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


If you're seeing an error indicating a file not writable, it's possibly a permission related issue either with the file in question or the directory it resides in. I would check your permissions to be sure write access is permitted. If you're still not sure the permissions are properly set, then you should reach out to our live support so our hosting team can assist. 


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