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Complete Waste Of Time

I have been trying to set up Wordpress on one of my domains. It gets to a point where I get the mail to say setup has competd. I click on the 'login' link, and I get a 404. I have tried uninstalling Wordpress, but this always fails with some unknown error. I have been stuck in this loop for weeks. Every now and then I'll go and try to set it up again, and EVERY time I get stuck in the same loop......install, install successful email, attempt to login, get a 404, attempt to uninstall, uninstall fails. In desperation I went in via FTP and deleted EVERYTHING under the domain. I installed Wordpress again. I got the email to say Wordpress setup was successful. I clicked on the 'login' link in the email, and I get a 404.


If anyone from Godaddy reads these messages, I would appreciate it if you could help me please, but I seriously doubt that's likely to happen.


I have been a Godady customer for years. Not because I particularly like their service (in fact, there are areas where their service is particularly poor), but because it is too much effort to move my meager collection of stuff elsewhere, but the time is fast approaching where I will have to make the effort.



Re: Complete Waste Of Time

For anyone else who may be interested - install it manually....much faster

Helper I
Helper I

Re: Complete Waste Of Time

Hey, TFU...


Seems to me like this forum is somewhat new and having a few growing pains.  Be patient and persistent... someone will come along and help.


I've installed WP with the Hosting control panel in both Linux and Windows hosting plans for years, with minimal problems.  (I've migrated almost all WP off of Windows now.)


GoDaddy's Managed WordPress hosting is pretty slick, if you have a site with any real amount of traffic on it.  It pairs up a staging site. Most of that capability is also new, and having a few growing pains, but I've had pretty good success with it on the new sites I maintain.


I also highly recommend looking into to keep tabs on your sites.  It will do daily backups of GoDaddy hosted sites for free (even if NOT on a Manage WordPress hosting site), and also does downtime reporting.



Not a GoDaddy employee or support staff; I am a GoDaddy Pro with significant experience using a variety of GoDaddy services.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Complete Waste Of Time

Hi @RayHAz & @TotalltFedUp,

Just want to let you know that GoDaddy owns ManageWP and you can access it through GoDaddy as it's branded GoDaddy Pro Sites. Here's more info on GoDaddy Pro Sites: You can update all of your sites in one place through a single dashboard.