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Contact form not sending email

i see a lot of strings where people are struggling with this but none of the solutions seem to be working for me.


As many people are having issues - i am submitting the form, and it says it is submitted - but no email comes through. I have tried numerous "fixes" listed in both WP forums and here in godaddy forums - using the for the from email. using actual godaddy email addresses already set up that have the same extension in both the to and from. usig a completely external "to" address. Ive tried removing any possible "subject" conflict and making a default subject line. yet nothing is getting through.


Is there any fixes i have not tried that may work??


Thank you.


Re: Contact form not sending email

It'd help to know what kind of hosting you're using for your site.


By far the most common reason for this is a setting in cPanel for local or remote mail. If a domain is added to cPanel, and you're using any mail service other than the one built into cPanel there's a setting that needs to be updated. In cPanel, under mail, go to mx entry. For the domain you're sending to, make sure it's remote if you're using anything other than cPanel mail.


Secondly, you don't want to use any kind of SMTP mail plugin. The mail system built into wordpress / php works without it, and for security reasons connecting with SMTP to 3rd party mail servers is blocked.


If nothing's working, it's possible mail from your hosting account has been disabled. You'll need to call hosting support and have them review your mail logs in that case.

Re: Contact form not sending email

well this hosted as linux web hosting. Basically its a biz partner of mine and she has delegated me access but only to the hosting panel. I dont have access to the email accounts through godaddy panel


however she told me that she does not think she has office 365. All of the email accounts she has setup under the domain name are from the free email address that came with the domain purchase or hosting plan...however godaddy does that.


We are not using any kind of SMTP plugin.


The mail server is on the godaddy plan, and is the same as the domain - so it is not a remote server that i know of.


Re: Contact form not sending email

Great, Solved my Problem