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Copy Wordpress desing from one domain to another under the same account

I have a domain name ( that I already bought from GoDaddy and I am renewing it with my Godaddy account.

Many years ago, a development company created a website interface for me and email accounts using this domain name (

i.e I have a running website under this domain name ( and I have some email addresses (about 4 email addresses that are hosted at the development company server.

Now I created a wordpress interface using my Godaddy account and I publish it (to test it) using domain name

what I need help with is:

  • Currently My domain is “loading” the website from the development company server, so I need to cancel this and I need to publish the wordpress website I created.
  • I need to copy the interface I created and the data I published on to
  • I need to create same email addresses that I am using with the development company.
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Re: Copy Wordpress desing from one domain to another under the same account



Once you have your new WordPress site setup with your content the way you want it from the dev site:


=> The nameservers have to be changed for your domain on the dev server to the new WordPress hosting nameservers.  (I usually wait to cancel old hosting for about a week to ensure propagation time for the domain's new location.)


=> You also have to change the domain name in WordPress (Settings > General).  More on changing WordPress URLs here.


=> For email the MX servers would also have to be modified to reflect your new email service for the domain. GoDaddy does offers a migration service to Office365 if you want to use that and need assistance.


=> Next you will have to change all the URLs within your content from the dashed domain that you installed WordPress on to the non-dashed dev domain that you want to use.  There's a plugin for that!


HTH! 😉

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