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Deficient novice and blogging

I have set up my GoDaddy web site and refining it but did not expect to have to use something like WordPress and I am just not technically proficient.  Got directed to WordPress as I want to enable my blog to have comments posted, and that is all I want.  I am lost in the maze of WordPress facilities and each time I go to blogging, I seem to get facilities, but WordPress want to charge monthly.  Is this the case if I use WordPress to enhance my blog?  Or, if it is free, is there an easy guide for me to look at?

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Hello @Marge55 ,


Thank you for contacting the GoDaddy Community. 


I'm a bit lost on what you asking. It sounds like you already have a Wordpress website, but are having problems, with allowing 'comments' on your posts? Is that correct?



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