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Domain name not showing in WordPress "Domain" installation list

I have a domain and have installed the database.  When I go to install WordPress, the domain is NOT showing in the drop-down list.  


Here's what I'm doing:


  1. Select My Account.
  2. On the Account page, move to Web Hosting and expand the list.
  3. Next to the domain name, click Manage
  4. On the Hosting Details page, select WordPress.
  5. On the Manage Applications page where WordPress is shown, click Install
  6. In the Install WordPress 4.9.6 window, click the Domain drop-down list. 

The domain I want to use is not shown. In fact, it won't allow me add a directory to a domain shown in the list.  wordpress-domain-error.png

I have installed a database for the domain.  I must be missing a step. 




~Cindy 😉


Hi @CindyBrock61, thanks for posting.

There's several possibilities that might lead to this. Some common ones are that the domain name is not setup on the hosting plan or another application has already been installed on the website/domain in question. If you call Support, they'll be able to review your account in detail and let you know exactly why you aren't seeing the option.


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Helper II



 Hi,  it looks like you need to add the domain into the host 🙂


 This link should work for you