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ECWID widget no longer running & No access to CPanel/FTP

Hi am receiving this notification on my WP site
[ecwid widgets=”productbrowser minicart categories search” grid=”3,3″ list=”10″ table=”20″ default_category_id=”0″ category_view=”grid” search_view=”grid” minicart_layout=”MiniAttachToProductBrowser” ] 
the ECWID Plugin is no longer on my list of installed plugins ...and from what I read everywhere on GO Daddy sites ..I do not have access to my CPanel or FTP on my Premium WP managed plan as I did when I had my Linux site last year ...and I need to access it to delete the old folder of ECWID so I can reinstall it, as it will not upload it now, saying the folder is duplicated . So you can access it and delete it for me please or how do we do this appreciated Cheers



Hey @HEK


Welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


You're correct that Managed WordPress plans do not have FTP access, but you should still be able to use sFTP instead to make directory updates as necessary. If you need more direct help from our hosting team to correct the error, you'll want to contact our live support for the assistance. 


Let us know how it goes. 


CG - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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