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Folder from godaddy

Hi I got this folder in my new host provider, try to remove, my website breaks see bellow: 


PHP script text

define( 'GD_VIP', '' );
define( 'GD_RESELLER', 1 );
define( 'GD_ASAP_KEY', '2a97f32d05ce741549f4b43f7e14bb27' );
define( 'GD_STAGING_SITE', false );
define( 'GD_EASY_MODE', true );
define( 'GD_SITE_CREATED', 1455023682 );

// Newrelic tracking
if ( function_exists( 'newrelic_set_appname' ) ) {
	newrelic_set_appname( '979efc25-a983-4856-8876-16873433e06e;' . ini_get( 'newrelic.appname' ) );

 * Is this is a mobile client?  Can be used by batcache.
 * @return array
function is_mobile_user_agent() {
	return array(
	       "mobile_browser"             => !in_array( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], array( 'bot', 'pc' ) ),
	       "mobile_browser_tablet"      => false !== strpos( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], 'tablet-' ),
	       "mobile_browser_smartphones" => in_array( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], array( 'mobile-iphone', 'mobile-smartphone', 'mobile-firefoxos', 'mobile-generic' ) ),
	       "mobile_browser_android"     => false !== strpos( $_SERVER['HTTP_X_UA_DEVICE'], 'android' )
define( 'REDIS_SOCKET', '/var/run/RedisProxy/mwprp.sock' );
Super User III
Super User III

Re: Folder from godaddy



in the wp-config.php there should be a reference to gd-config.php if you remove that reference you should then be able to remove the godaddy folder / file

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