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Super User II

How do I choose the best WordPress plugins for every need?

Comparing WordPress plugins is usually complicated . The first problem of every new WordPress user is which plugin to choose for each need and, although the plugin directory and installer can help, it is not always enough.


However, there are some elements to keep in mind when choosing the best WordPress plugin for every need.


How to choose what Plugins to install


The first thing is to go through the plugin installer and, in the "Popular" section you will find the most downloaded plugins by other users, and there you will find much of the best of the best, always recommended, although not exactly what you are looking for.


A list of "Recommended" plugins can also be a good start, based on plugins that you and other users have installed.


Once the list is seen, you should review the details of each plugin , and check the following:

  • Last update : Important, because a plugin without updating for a year or more may be obsolete, even vulnerable. My advice is to not install any plugin without updating for more than 6 months, except for honorable exceptions, in which there are really no alternatives, but they are the least.
  • No. of active installations : Although there may be very good plugins with few installations, if it is for a very specific utility, in each category it is usually the most sensible option to choose the one with the most active installations in the same category, a symptom that many users They have installed and are doing them the expected service.
  • Compatible with the WordPress X version : This, although it is only a text that the developer must include in its plugin, is a symptom - when you do not have it up to date - that you have not taken the time and enough care to test the compatibility and "get wet" to declare this compatibility. It is not essential but it is a point to assess, positively or negatively.
  • Requires the version of PHP X : Same as the above, that the developer take your time to check the validity of your code is a point in your favor.
  • Screenshots : It always helps to check the screenshots, so you do not have to install a plugin to check if you have the utilities we are looking for. I always value it a lot because it also denotes the interest that the developer has placed on users knowing what their plugin does.
  • Good and extensive description : It is essential that the developer has taken the time to explain in detail and clearly what his plugin does and how he does it. If you find a plugin that you almost have to install to know what it does and how it does it better go to the next one.
  • Frequently asked questions : Within the description is a section that I value very much, because the developer anticipates possible doubts of the users.
  • Average score : Although there are old plugins penalized by bad valuations of specific versions, which still subtract "stars" despite their current good condition, it is always good to check how many stars they have and how many valuations are based, it will always be better " 4 stars »based on thousands of reviews that« a 5 stars »based only on a couple of ratings, almost always from the developer's friends 😉
  • Solved support problems : This, which is only in the plugins directory of is for me vital, because it shows if the developer takes care of the users or has abandoned them to their fate. Look at the proportion of questions answered and solved, that are reasonable, and of course it flees from plugins to which the developer never responds to the support queries.
  • Developer profile : This is maybe a bit more geeky, but I always click on the link to the developer profile in, the only WordPress curriculum we have, and check if it has more plugins, if it collaborates with WordPress in any area, or even if it is participatory in events and forums.

I think I've left you enough evidence to help you choose plugins. And although most are free, the difference between a good plugin and a bad one can be very important.


A good plugin will help you improve your website in its functionality, while a bad one can do just the opposite, ruining your SEO, speed, security, usability, etc.


Zulfiqar Anees | Founder/CEO at FastTech Media, TechMag, and ZulWeb | GoDaddy Pro.
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: How do I choose the best WordPress plugins for every need?

Great article @Zulfiqar! Thanks for posting. I'm sure other community members will find this info super helpful.