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I need to change size of logo in header of Lyrical theme -- HELP!

I'm using the Lyrical WP theme but need to increase the size of the logo in the header.  I do not want to use the type under the logo, which is an option.  Just need to make the logo a few pixels larger.


It seems like I should be able to change the size in the code, but can't find the appropriate file.


How do I get through to someone who can help me with this?


Extremely frustrated.




Please provide URL of the website

I'm facing the same issue. Please let me know how you got your logo larger for Lyrical Theme!!!


Thank you.

Please let me know what you think.  This is taking quite a while and client is not very happy.  

GoDaddy has been unable (or unwilling) to help me solve this issue.  So I'm asking you again for help.


Thank you!



I am having a similar problem. My logo is turning up TINY when i upload it via the "customize" option. How can I make my logo bigger? is the site, but I don't have the logo there since it is so small. Thanks!