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Issues after host migration



We've just migrated a site from another host to our godaddy account.


After a few issues it's now been copied across and the website works...mostly.

I'm currently accessing it with an edited hosts file so it's not externally facing yet and I've come across a few issues:

- I cant delete posts from before the migration, after hitting send to trash they just stay in place. Tested on new posts and they delete correctly. Not the end of the world as I can still find ways to hide them, but a bit annoying nonetheless.

-When I try to edit existing pages a lot of them show that there's no content on the edit page screen, even though on the actual page it shows all the content which should be there. Short of re-creating half of the website I'm not sure how else to fix this.


If anyone has thoughts on how to fix this it'd be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there!


It sounds almost like some sort of caching issue. I would first try clearing my browser cache and resetting your router. 


It would probably take some more hands-on approach at troubleshooting the problem if that doesn't correct it.

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Thanks for the reply Joe, I've cleared my cache and reset the file permissions + cleared cache in WP.

It does seem to have fixed the issue with the posts not deleting but sadly my somewhat broken pages remain the same, looks like I've got a busy (and very tedious) day ahead!