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Links to external pages are not working

I am using a Wordpress theme. The links or hyperlinks have suddenly stopped working (not pickable) on any new webpage I create on my website. Everything checks out ok when creating the hyperlink. After updating and then viewing the reading or published page, the link text is blue but not pickable. However, if editing an existing webpage, the link works when published and therefore able to pick on the link to view an external page.

After reading some suggestions on wordpress support, I have tried the most logical fix of navigating the dashboard to "Settings" then "Permalinks" and changed the common setting to another, save then reset the common setting back to the original setting and save. 


Anyone know of a fix?

Resolver I

Re: Links to external pages are not working

Hi, when you see blue hyper links that seem to be un-clickable, it's usually because something transparent is covering it. It could be an image, such as a logo where the width/height is actually larger than the image it self. Or an element, such as a DIV is covering it. Use the Chrome web browser in "Developer" mode. Go to the "Elements" tab, and use your mouse over each element, narrowing down which element is covering your links.

Re: Links to external pages are not working

Thank you for your response @temseducation. I don't think there is any transparent image covering the hyperlink.

Reason: the unclickable hyperlinks only occur on any new webpage created, and therefore, not on one webpage that might have a transparent image on it. The strange thing is I can add clickable hyperlinks onto any previous webpages but not on any new webpage 😞


Re: Links to external pages are not working

My thinking now is the new webpages are not fully loading so although the hyperlinks are visible in blue text they are un-clickable (note: all other items on the webpage are visible including pics). I am now looking into adding a plugin to speed up the page loading. I am a complete novice with developing web pages so does anyone have any suggestions for a good plugin that comes complete with default settings?


Re: Links to external pages are not working

SOLVED!!… The WP theme I use is a real estate theme named "Houzez" and part of creating a webpage to list a property is to locate the property on a google map. There is a choice of whether to SHOW or HIDE the map on the webpage. I recently chose HIDE and this caused the webpage to not fully load as it was trying to load the map before loading clickable web links. This is obviously a program bug. The FIX is to select SHOW the map during the webpage setup and the entire webpage will load complete with map and clickable web links.