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ManageWP Dashboard sees my Clients but not their websites?

Is anyone using the new ManageWP dashboard feature of GoDaddy Pro Managed WordPress hosting? 


I figured out how to add sites to the dashboard, but when I click Clients on the left, none of the sites are associated with the clients. And those clients that set up their own hosting accounts at GoDaddy and then added me as a user -- the ManageWP Dashboard can't "see" those and they need to be added separately (but then the extra features "free with GoDaddy hosting" don't apply). 


Before I call support, I thought I would ask here. 



Advocate VI

Is the issue that your client sites are not automatically added to the ManageWP dashboard? It's true that you have to add them on your own. I have added many client sites (which are hosted in other accounts, both at GD and elsewhere) to ManageWP, and it always knows if they are GD sites, and I can set up the various free add-ons.


In fact, it automatically adds a tag for "GoDaddy Hosted" to each of the GD sites.