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Managed WordPress - WP file permissions

My site ( is on a Managed Wordpress plan, but the website itself is custom PHP that really only talks to the WP database in a few places. I still want, however, to use WP-admin to add/update blog content etc. At some point since adding the custom front end, it has become impossible to login to WP-admin. According to what I've read on here, it'll be down to a problem with a plugin or theme. 


Not only do I get the White Screen Of Death, but I can't even amend any of the WP files through FTP as the owner has been set to root/root (i.e. I can't CHMOD anything).


Any ideas that don't involve me spending 6 days on a call to customer support? TBH I'm thinking of moving the hosting elsewhere as it seems designed to thwart the things I want/need to do.



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Re: Managed WordPress - WP file permissions

Hey there,


To be absolutely honest, it sounds like you maybe picked the wrong hosting platform if you have a customized WP site. Managed WordPress is really designed to make it easier for people who don't know what they're really doing to get a WP site up and running right out of the box. It keeps them safe and secure and allows for mistakes. It's a great platform for those that are just learning or have a simple site to upkeep but you will be locked into certain restrictions.


Based on what you're saying, you should probably try out one of the Linux cPanel offerings from GD. I would strongly recommend going with their Business Hosting. It's all the power and dedicated resources of a VPS but the convenience of use of a shared hosting setup. (In other words, you don't have to do the server admin stuff on the backend at all.)

With the level of customization you seem to have, the MWP platform just isn't going to make you happy. If you give support a call, they can help you pick the right platform, roll whatever time you have left on your current platform into the new one so it doesn't cost as much, and get you on your way to having a more pleasant experience.

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Re: Managed WordPress - WP file permissions

Hi @minthr,


Totally agree with @MrVapor.  I've used the business hosting, not the smaller cPanel hosting, and you should be able to do all that you need to with your installation.  Managed WP is just that -- managed for you.  The ManagedWP platform is not for any serious custom programming unless it is within the WordPress framework.


It sounds like you are using some of the leading/bleeding edge WP "headless" technologies.  Please be sure to set all of your external references properly.  As you mentioned in your post, theme/plugin considerations are a major part of how WP reacts.  Because you're not using the entire functionality of WP you may run into problems in these areas as well as permissions.  You may want to checkout ClassicPress.Net - it is a business-focused system based off of the current WP core.  A ton of develop is going on in that community and some may fit your needs.


As a non-coding suggestion, you could run WP intact on a subdomain and "menu-grate" your custom php with a full, secure WP installation.   


Hope this helps,


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