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Managed Wordpress updated content not displayed

Hi all,


Got an issue where changes I'm making on my managed Wordpress site are not being reflected on the public version.  I first noticed this yesterday when I made some changes to the theme, and then realized that some edits made to the front page were also not being reflected.  If I am logged into Wordpress the changes are displayed as expected, but as soon as I logout and view the website as a member of the public would I see an old version of the site.


I've cleared my browser cache as well as attempting to load the site from a different computer on a different ISP and verified both systems are seeing the old (wrong) site.  I've also tried flushing the GoDaddy cache by using the option in the WordPress menu bar on the top of the website when logged in without success.  Any ideas?


Hi @lutheranvictori,


Thank you for posting. Sorry to hear you aren't able to see your changes. Take a look at this article, it has some additional troubleshooting steps you can try. If you are still experiencing this issue after taking the necessary steps I recommend contacting our support team.


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