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Multiple Wordpress Domains

Good day!


I am having some trouble with one of my Wordpress installations and hoping someone here can help.

My primary domain is  I have a few other domains that redirect to sub directories from  I am having troubles with one my recent installs.  The domain is  It is set to forward with masking (302).  I compared the settings for this domain to another domain I have,  The works fine, but something is not working correctly for the


When I try to browse to, it changes to and Wordpress puts up a "not found error".  I can no longer access the admin page, as I get the same error.  I think the error may be caused to the Wordpress settings having as the domain.  I have ssh access and the WP files are all there, under the 2bmba subdirectory.  I tried forcing the domain/path for WP as follows:

I added the following two lines to the bottom of wp-config.,php:



But that did not change anything.


Any help or advice is much appreciated!





Re: Multiple Wordpress Domains

Hi @memariani, thanks for posting.

What you've described is not a usual way to host multiple domain names. Generally when you setup multiple WordPress sites, your primary domain name is not used at all and you do not use Forwarding or Masking.

The additional domains you are are added as Addon Domains, and the DNS for the domains would be updated to point to the IP address of your hosting plan. The primary domain or main WordPress site shouldn't be used at all.

If you are using a Manged WordPress plan that supports multiple sites, see the details here:

If you are using a cPanel hosting plan that supports multiple sites, check out this article:


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