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Need Temp WordPress-Admin URL before changing the DNS

I have a website at  It is a TypePad site that I am preparing to migrate to Wordpress. 


I have done the "Installation" routine to get the basic WP installation going on GoDaddy, and I have used a service ( to prepare the transfer from TypePad to Wordpress. 


Now I need to access the WP-Admin Panel for the newly installed WP at GoDaddy for this domain.  But what I DON'T want to do is change the DNS from the current site BEFORE I've got anything setup in my GoDaddy account. 


From the Installatron/GoDaddy account, when I click on " link, I get "404 Not Found" - no doubt because the DNS for the domain is still pointing elsewhere. 


So what I need now is a temporary URL for the new WP installation so that I can work on the site and get it presentable BEFORE I change the DNS. 


When last I spoke to a GoDaddy support person, I was told that such a thing is not possible, but that doesn't sound right to me, so I am posting the query here hoping somebody with a bit more experience with GoDaddy can help me figure out how/where to set up a temp URL for the wp-admin so that I can work on the site. 



Anybody got a clue?  Can I guy a vowel? 




Edit: If I should have put this in the "Wordpress" forum, it does not seem that I can move it now. 

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Re: Need Temp WP-Admin URL before changing the DNS



Check out how to change your local hosts file to trick your PC to think your domain is on your new WordPress install.  


I do this all the time when working on new client sites who have a non-WordPress site with their domain already out there.   This way I can get everything in place and then  I just undo the changes and modify the DNS record when ready to go live.


HTH! 😉


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Re: Need Temp WP-Admin URL before changing the DNS

Unfortunately, that did not help.  At least, it did not help me, perhaps because my Computer Science and Web Development skills are somewhat behind the curve.


I clicked on the link you provided and frankly it all read like Greek to me.  


It doesn't seem to me that I need to "trick" my computer.  The new WP install lives somewhere on GD's servers.  It's under my Primary Domain, <>. So I am looking for a URL like "" or ""


When I have had to relocate websites in the past, it was done in such a manner.  But, then, I always had some help from somebody who knew what they were doing better than I do. 




P.S. FWIW, I'm using as Mac here. 

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Re: Need Temp WP-Admin URL before changing the DNS

Hi @driver49. Thanks for posting. Accessing a WordPress site without using the domain it's set up for can be a little tricky. WordPress depends on the domain specified in its settings to get to all the various parts of the site. This is why you'd see a 404 error if you haven't pointed the domain to your server with the WordPress install if you're trying to get to /wp-admin. The files just aren't there. The "trick" that Muse mentioned above is a great way to do this without disrupting any actual site you have for the domain in question. 


While it would technically be possible to access the site as you mentioned ( on a cPanel plan, the site would not appear as it should because that isn't the URL that WordPress is looking for. If you don't want to use the hosts method, then I'd suggest updating the URL the WordPress install uses to either an extra domain that you aren't using for something else or a subdomain like Of course, these methods can be tricky as well because you'll need to make sure your DNS entries are correct. Also, depending on the theme and plugins you use, changing your WordPress URL doesn't always go smoothly. 


Also, to clarify, would only work if 1) is pointed to the same hosting server that is hosted on and 2) when you added to the account, you specified that it would be in the /public_html/ directory (which would be the default setting).


To summarize, the hosts file method is more difficult at first, but in the end, it is far less work than other methods of viewing a site before you change DNS. I hope that helps. 


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