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Restore website to another GoDaddy hosting plan

I have a backup of a WordPress site with a domain name that I now intend to restore to another GoDaddy hosting. Help will be appreciated.

Rajeev Bagra
Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Restore website to another GoDaddy hosting plan

Hi @SplendidDigital. You'll probably want to add some additional details about your situation if you'd like help. My guess is that you have the files and database for the WordPress install and you're looking for advice on using that to set up a WordPress site. Typically you'd do this by uploading the files to the root directory for the domain in question. Then, you'd want to create a database and then import your database file. If you set up the database using the same database name, username, and password that is listed in the wp-config.php file, then that should be enough to get the site up and running. If you need more information, then you'll want to share more about where you're moving from and the platform you're installing the site into. 


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