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Session has expired after login to WordPress few seconds

My front end website running as normal, but the problem is when I login to back end, it request a username and password every 4 or 5 sec.
it shown "Your session has expired. Please log in to continue where you left off."

Best regard.


Hi @papagiorgio200@LastMan@NonTechGuy@john_cooper@jmerschat@cagzkie@Adrian8


Sorry you're having trouble. If you have a Managed WordPress account, this is due to an issue our developers are working to address right now (sorry, no ETA at the moment). While they're working on it, there is a workaround that will prevent the automatic log out from happening. You would need to access your Managed WordPress account via SFTP and rename the /wp-content/object-cache.php file. (It doesn't really matter what you rename the file to, as long as it's not the name of another file in that directory.) For steps on accessing an account via SFTP, take a look at this article. I will try to post here again once the issue is resolved. Thanks for your patience.


Edit: This will workaround will also help users that see errors relating to APCu cache not being configured correctly.


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Helper II

I've read the solution provided + there's another situation where this occurs.


If you're using a network where your IP is dynamic, then this can also cause a situation like this.


So if you connect from one IP + then your IP changes, so your ISP or mobile service rotates your IP, this can cause a disconnection.


You can test this by googling whatsmyip before you login + then again, after WordPress tells you to login again.


If this situation occurs, then the fix is likely to change how you connect to your site (change ISP), to a service which rarely rotates your IP address.


Only way to know if this situation is occurring is to check your IP + see if it's changing.

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Helper VI

Hello @LastMan


A simple fix for this login issue is to make sure that you have the same URL in your Site Address and WordPress Address fields in your WordPress settings. This means that you need to choose either www or a non-www URL in the both fields.


Login to your WordPress dashboard and go to Settings » General.






If you can’t access the admin area, then you can update these fields by editing the wp-config.php file.

Connect to your website using FileManager from cPanel or an FTP client, and locate the wp-config.php file in your site’s root directory.

You need to download this file to your Desktop and open it in a text editor like Notepad.

Add this code just above the line "That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging".


If you prefer to use www in URL, then use this code instead


Don’t forget to replace with your own domain name.


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Thanks for your reply.

I try to follow this step few hours ago, but nothing change.
I am using WordPress site by Godaddy, so it already correct as in your picture.

Best regard.

Still doesn't work for me. Never had issues yesterday, got home and all hell broke loose.

I have articles which I need to be posted... 


I'm having the same problem.

Same problem here. Maybe a plugin - woocommerce, learndash, uncanny?? who knows...

Getting Started

I can't do anything with my WordPress site because I keep getting logged out. This is frustrating! How do I fix this?

I'm having this same problem. Everytime I log in I get logged out of my website. Someone help us out please.

And me.

WP had me change my Password almost a dozen times and it STILL keeps logging me out.


And to top it all, I was led to believe that one would receive QUICK assistance from them according to their fancy advertising.  I've been battling for days to talk to them but their Chat Line seems to be offline almost permanently. 


As the new kid on the block is this the fabulous 'service' I have to get used to?

Edit :


Rang GoDaddy hosting support and they ran a quick debug on my site and found some errors which they fixed. They said it may have been caused by a recent wordpress version not agreeing with a plugin or a recent plugin update. Give them a ring and they'll work through some possible causes. 🙂




Original problem:

Same problem for me too. Glad to see im not the only one. i've been panicing the past two days. Possibly an update godaddy has released has broke something? I assume they will fix it as we cannot be the only ones experiencing this infuriating issue. I can only stay logged in for about 30 second!

Having the same issue. Started Saturday, rang them up and they said they need to update something, which fixed it. 

Didn't log into site yesterday - tried to get into site today and it's doing it again. Currently on phone (on hold for last 10mins) trying to get it sorted. 

Same issue here. I can go to the dashboard through WP admin, but can't do any updates from yesterday. When I try to do whatever in the dashboard it keeps me telling log into WordPress first. I try many times to log in and changed the password, too. 

Please help.... Hope this will fix soon... 

Having the same problem here.  It's been going on for a few days. 

I'm having the same problem. I can log in, but when I try to edit and save a post, I get kicked out and told to log in again. Keeps happening over and over.


Currently on the phone with support--estimated wait time: 41 minutes. Not impressed. 😕

Update 2:

Apparently if you click on the GoDaddy icon at the top of the dashboard and select "Flush Cache", that may solve the logout problem.    This solved it for me.  Took forever waiting on the phone for tech support, but GoDaddy ended up being really helpful.



On the phone now.  They don't seem to know what the problem is and now I'm waiting for the advanced support person.


Original Message:

I've been waiting 30 minutes for a call back.  Not sure why I'm paying for a managed Wordpress site if they can't even manage it.

Thanks for the tip, cloudsurfer! I flushed the cache and that solved the perpetual login/logout problem for me.


Hopefully Support can get this resolved soon.

Flushing the cache didn't change the issue for me.

Hey guys, this is the response I got via Twitter when chat was offline last night:


Hi! Very sorry for the difficulty you're having. What you've described is related to an issue affecting some Managed WordPress accounts. Our developers are aware of the issue and working to fix the issue as soon as possible. However, as a workaround, you can stop this issue from happening by accessing your WordPress files via SFTP and renaming the file object-cache.php. This article touches on how to connect to your account using SFTP If you need further assistance with this, please reach out to our support team so they can help you get the file name updated. Sorry for any inconvenience. ^W

I managed to get on with chat and here is there solution they gave me.


login to your SFTP.
Go to the "wp-content" folder.
change the name of the "object-cache.php" file to "object-cache.php.bak" (so add the .bak onto the end of it)

G-daddy says, "that workaround is given by our admins and should work while we're working on a permanent fix."


NOTE: this is after checking for broken plugins, flushing the cache, etc. It seems to be working for me. Hope it helps everyone else who is in the chat que.

I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. All in all 3 hours on hold and 1 hour on with support and no resolution. I was told it was a problem with plugin compatibility. After disabling all of my plugins, flushing the server side cache and clearing my browser cache I still had the same issue. Before calling godaddy back I did a google search and to my surprise the first link that came up was to this thread.  Sad that the support person that I spoke to didn't have this information.


Thank you to everyone who posted information on this topic.


Regards, Denise

same problem!


Flushing cache and clearing browser helped on my work PC this morning. I come home to have the same problem but flushing and clearing doesn't work!


I disabled all plugins, updated everything and same problem!


Please assist this is frustrating