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Site can't be reached error 500 Internal Error

Hi. I have a wordpress blog under the domain 

I have been trying to access my blog and keep receiving the HTTP 500 error. Weirdly and I do not know why, but if I use Firefox or Safari on my iPhone, no HTTP 500 error is displayed however, the blog still does not load.  I see the 500 error in Chrome. Never before have I experienced this error.


I had recently updated the theme for my blog. 


I cannot get access to wp-admin either. I have looked at a bunch of other posts and tried a few things, but not sure why the problem persist. 


Would someone or GoDaddy Support be able to provide some advice. 


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Re: Site can't be reached error 500 Internal Error

Hi @hellojen,


A couple things on the 500 error and WP.  Are you on a cPanel or a managed WP hosting account?  Lack of resources and corrupt theme/plugin files are the 2 of main sources for this error.


Is this a brand new installation?  Perhaps recently updated?  If it is a brand new installation, I'd likely start over.  If its recently updated, perhaps restore your site to a point prior to the update.


I checked your url and am getting a "pageok" display.  This often happens when DNS settings are incorrect?


If you haven't contacted support, they can look at the server log and give you a bit of information about your 500 error, but it may not be enough to necessarily pinpoint the problem immediately.


I'll keep an eye on this thread so contact me if you need to.

Hope this helps,



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Re: Site can't be reached error 500 Internal Error

Hi James @JMPepper

Firstly, thank you so much for your help and advice. 


I have a managed WP hosting account for this blog. For the past two years, I have been using this domain and never experienced any problems until now. 


I took your advice to restore the blog to a prior state and that has fixed the problem. The site is loading fine. It seems like some recent updates to the plugins are causing some issues. Not exactly sure which one, but at least have an alternative solution to get the website up and running for now. 


Thank you again for your help. Really appreciate it!

Kind Regards,


WordPress error

When I try to login to WordPress I get a screen that says "WordPress no update required with a Continue" button.  When I click the continue button a get a message saying "This Site Can't Be Reached" domain's server DNS address could not be found.  Any idea why it is putting the "new" before my domain name and trying to find that?  ERR_Name_Not_Resolved

Re: WordPress error

You are not the only one. I called GoDaddy Support and they didn't provide much help. As you can see all of the systems dashboards show that the systems are up but my website has been down for 24 hours now. Consider I pay for this to work its unacceptable. After spending an hour with support they still haven't resolved the issue. At first they tried to say it was my google mail hosting cname but we ruled that out. So now trying to figure out why even though I'm using GoDaddy's DNS and records my website doesn't exist.


Re: WordPress error

I fixed it by restoring to a backup of files and the database from a few days ago. It loaded and the plugins that need updating, that caused the 500 crash, are listed again. I'll try update them one at a time instead of all at once.