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Site not loading for public the same as in admin mode

Hi, I hope that someone can help.

My issue is that when I am in admin mode (dashboard) of my WP website, everything looks amazing! Exactly as I have set it with colour palettes, fonts, spacing etc.


for some reason, one day, the view that the public get to see is all messed up!


The front page has a bold orange background under the hero image, the spacing of the headings has all gone. And then to top it off, I can no longer upload images!


I have spoken to the the Theme providers (Themify) and they have run tests that suggest it is a hosting issue.

I have included images here to show what I mean just from my front page as an example: - I can't upload the images as I cannot click the Finish button!!!! 


I recently deleted several modules to see if that fixed the problem but alas, I just have even more work to do now.


Thanking in advance for anyone that knows how to fix this problem.





I use cpanel hosting with GoDaddy. I cannot get through to support as wait times are really long and I have a lot to do.



Godaddy had been hack attacked last two days....

@ kwaninmacau

Dude stop spreading lies across the forum.

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