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Slow Website

My wordpress website is running quite slow. Can someone help me improve the speed? Or is there a better web solution that I should be using. I like having the ability to add features like Gravity Forms, but if plugins are going to cause such slow speeds I would rather do something different.

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Re: Slow Website



Plugins -- and themes -- can definitely slow down a site.  Gravity forms, however, is not one of those.  I use that plugin on some of my sites without any performance issues.   When it comes to plugins less is more as they do use resources.


I ran a speed test for you and there are areas for improvement.  The report notes you are using FusionBuilder -- see how your site does without that. 


I also see you are using Avada -- one of the most popular WordPress themes. The more a theme does the "heavier" it is on resources.  There have been reports of Avada being pokey in certain environments -- you can try a leaner theme to see if that makes a difference for you.


Also the report shows you'll want to do some minification of both FusionBuilder and Avada files.  Autoptimize is a plugin that may help with that


Other than the Avada and FusionBuilder issues it's straight A's!  So you know where to look to speed things up!


HTH! Smiley Wink

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