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Stout Theme Home Page

I recently took over control of my employer's site:


99% of all the changes we've been wanting to do, have been successful. The one thing i was working on was trying to make the hero text and image on the home page smaller (like it is for most other pages on the site).


When i noticed the theme could be updated, i updated it and suddenly i'm having issues with the way the pages are being displayed - its as if the hero image (which has huge dimensions) loads, and then the content of the page loads in a centralized column...with a 2nd hero image.


I have a feeling it has to do with the update to the theme, and i haven't gone in and tried any other themes yet. I did, however, try creating a new page and i get the same issue.

BBT_index_01.jpgI mean it has 2 menus...and prior to the update, the menus were at the very TOP of each page. I went into the menu editor and couldn't find anything to adjust WHERE the menu is, again, i think its got to do with the update and potentially how the CSS was changed.


I tried flushing my cache, pulling the site up on a computer that has never logged into wordpress/godaddy, tried reverting to a previous version of the site prior to making the update.


Nothing has seemed to work.


Does anyone have any suggestions on whats causing this double content issue?

Helper V



Checked your website, the menu is pushed down...

Remove the Hero Image completely!, and add the image again...

We're changing the layout to a different format...


Looking forward to hear from you...




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support

Sorry for the delayed response, but i've tried using different images and have been unsuccessful in having the issue resolved. I've since switched to a different theme and just copied over the color scheme (which works just fine for the time being).


But if there's a way to adjust what the scale of the displayed hero image is, i'd love to figure out how to do that.


One of the things the site-owner wanted was slightly more 'panoramic' sized hero image. I created a cropped version (where it was maybe 400-500px high, but still as wide) but when i uploaded it, it just scaled it to fit the same, approx, 2K dimensions as before.


Tried adjusting the size in the css code but i'm not as familiar with that.


So for the time being, we resolved the issue by just changing themes. If i want to figure out how to adjust the displayed size of the hero image in the .css, i'll create another topic.



The hero image Should have settings, Something like boxed-layout, flushed-layout, full-layout, please go into hero image settings and check again...




Praveen Thomas

GoDaddy 24/7 Support