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Temporary Development Site Before Going Live

Greetings, this is my first post in this community. I am looking for suggestions on how to migrate the content of an 18-year-old website that was initially built in Frontpage and is now managed in Windows Essentials 4. I want to switch it to a Word Press site, which most of my websites are, but need the content in the old site to build to build the new Wordpress site before going live. I'm afraid if I switch over to Wordpress all the current content will be lost. I spoke with a GoDaddy tech support person about my goal and he said I could set up a new domain, to build a duplicate copy of the old site in we could then migrate the new site over to the domain name, which is an option but would rather not spend the $12 dollars for a new temporary domain. I watched some youtube videos about setting up a temp domain in the C panel under subdomains to build the new wordpress site in before migrating it to the old domain address, but wasn't able to figure out how to do that in the Goddaddy dashboard. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank-you!  


Re: Temporary Development Site Before Going Live

Hi @BDSHomes

Welcome to our forums! I would suggest purchasing one of our Managed Wordpress plan. When setting up the account, you are prompted with an option to select a temporary domain name that we create. That would be the easiest route to take when migrating your site. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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