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Text link to my article and making that article separate from others

Hi all, 


In my "Home" page I got some headlines, I want people to be able to press on one of them headlines and be able to read the full article in my "Archive" page. But I want different texts in my "Archive" page to be separated. So that people would be taken straight to that article.  Also is it possible to make large text subtract - you know when you got a few sentences of the whole thing and then you need to press "read more" or something like that to view the full article.




Hello @Lorrie!


Welcome to the community! This sounds like WordPress so I've moved the post to our WordPress section. To help the community answer you better, can you give a bit more detail? Maybe share a link with an example of what you're referring to in it?


Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Simple example can be any news website - you got articles with some brief descriptions on the very first page and once you click on the article, it takes you to another page (within the same website) to read the full article.