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Trying to link my "contents" pages to my WordPress account

Hi all,


I am trying to link my "contents" pages to my WordPress account.  My process so far is to highlight the tag, click the link chain, select website URL... and then the box for the website URL flashes for a second or two and then vanishes.  I am using an iMac, which sometimes requires holding down various buttons that a PC wouldn't.


Any help would be appreciated!  



Community Manager

Hi @MOCOFFEE. Welcome to GoDaddy Community! If you still need help with this, I'd suggest doing some browser-side troubleshooting. Often issues like this are caused either by browser caching or a conflict with a browser plugin/extension. I'd suggest first clearing your browser's cache and cookies. If that doesn't help, then try using a cacheless browsing window (FireFox private window, Chrome incognito, etc.), then an entirely different browser or even a different computer. Once you identify where the issue is coming from, then you can focus on how to fix it. Hope that helps. 


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