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Type In URL and When Clicked Automatically Changes to Wrong URL

I am using Smart Slider Pro. I enter a URL in the button editor,, click save, then preview. For some reason the link now reads, which is an invalid link. Not sure why the domain is automatically added when I click the button. When I enter the domain is not automatically added but is still an invalid link. Can anyone shed light about why WordPress would add the domain to the link when I am not? I do have a firewall through GoDaddy. Do I need to whitelist Smart Slider?


Thank you in advance.

Super User III

According to the spec if a protocol is not specified (http:// or https:// as examples) it would append the link location to the existing address.


It sounds as though you've tried it with the protocol but ran into some sort of error.  I am not sure what could cause this but you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the plugin.  You can also try contacting the developer to see if this is a known bug.