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Unnecessary Plugins?

I'm new to Managed WordPress and as a result have been installing various themes to try out. I'm fairly certain some of these themes installed their own plugins. Before I try installing additional themes, I'd like to remove these additional plugins, but don't want to remove anything necessary for the basic site.


These are the ones I suspect were added by themes:

Beaver Builder Booster

Beaver Builder Plugin (Lite Version)

Ninja Forms


Would it be safe to deactivate and/or remove these plugins?


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Re: Unnecessary Plugins?

It is my experience that you cannot delete plugins that will mess with the WordPress core. Occasionally some themes and plugins you add can have dependencies but WordPress can run without any plugins activated or installed. Feel free to remove/deactivate any plugins that you added without impacting the WordPress core. I hope that helps @Elise_in_AZ?

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Re: Unnecessary Plugins?

Thank you for the quick response.