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WP Admin access error

I own


Every time I go to the website, it is a white screen that just says "OK" in the top left corner.


When I go to, I get the same problem.


How can I fix the website if I can't even log in to manage it?!



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Re: WP Admin access error




This is called,"the white screen of death". Typically it is a database connection issue.....

In drupal I would tell you to go to your setting.php folder - should be somewhat the same in wordpress (?)....make sure all your connection data is entered correctly.

Hope this helps a little - go to the open web, look up wordpress then the white screen of death.

Wish you well

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Re: WP Admin access error

Hi @scottkimberly,


Are you on a managed wp-hosting platform?  If so, you will need to do a restore.  You can call tech support and they will do it for you or you can use the options button on your panel and then select backups.  If you are on cPanel did you check automatic backups on the install?  Once again, if you did you can do a restore.


This error often occurs when a wp table gets corrupted.   Its usually easier to do a restore rather than repair the offending table.


The next question, did this occur after a plugin installation (update)? If so, check to make sure of compatibilities with our theme and other plugins.


Hope this helps,


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Re: WP Admin access error

I have had this happen to me a few times when I installed a plugin that caused a conflict.

It is important to thoroughly test your site each time you add or upgrade a plugin. Clear your browser cache and try a couple of browsers. If you get in the habit of doing that every time, then you will KNOW which plugin (or template) caused the problem.

That being said, hindsight is 20-20 right? I love obscure plugins 😞


So the solution that works for me - log into the site with ftp or file manager in cpanel, go to the wp-content/plugins folder and wrack my brain to remember what I installed last - looking at the folder creation date usually helps. Then I rename the folder by adding bk to the end of the folder name and try to login to admin. Continue renaming folders until you have success. The beauty of this is then you can just restore the plugins by deleting bk on all but the last and see if it still works.
(Same thing if it was a theme that caused the issue)

The real magic - this always happens when I don't have a current backup. 

I guess the second moral is install backup software or upgrade your Godaddy hosting to do automatic backups.


Re: WP Admin access error

Re: WP Admin access error

My site is down: and I don't know why. Must have something to do with a plug-in update or theme update error. I was getting the http 500 error code and tried RESTORING both the files and database to a date when I know the site was fully functional and it did not work.  I changed both of the theme file names in the cpanel file manager so I could log back into the backend of Wordpress but I am not sure what to do now or how to troubleshoot the problem.  My site has  been down for a few days now and  I need this up ASAP. Please advise!  THANKS! 

Re: WP Admin access error

Looks like it has been fixed!

Re: WP Admin access error