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WP Theme missing from GoDaddy?

EDIT:  Nevermind, I found my missing theme

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Re: WP Theme missing from GoDaddy?

Hey @fyisociety, glad that you were able to rectify your issue. This is a Community of sharing, perhaps you could let us know what your issue was and how you rectified it? Others might have or experience the same thing you did and we'd love to know your solution. Thank you in advance!

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Re: WP Theme missing from GoDaddy?

That would be helpful! My sire was restored but I don't have my theme. It says "active" under themes in my WP dashboard but it isnt. 


Re: WP Theme missing from GoDaddy?

My apologies for my delayed response!

I *thought* I had fixed the issue by manually downloading the ZIP for the theme and uploading it that way, which worked, however, it was not functional.

I spoke with GoDaddy customer service (SO HELPFUL!) and they attempted to get things working by installing the theme through my cpanel for me,  but that did not work either.

Ultimately, I had to cancel my WP plan with GoDaddy and go directly to to build the site. This is because, for whatever reason, this particular theme has to be hosted directly through WP, not a third-party -- at least, that is the conclusion I had reached.


The worst part of this really is the expense. WP through GoDaddy is a vastly better value than going directly through WP - my $90 GoDaddy charge wound up being a $300 + $49 (for upgraded Elementor site builder)  -- that was painful, but the site is now coming along beautifully, so all is well that ends well!