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WP redirecting to wrong domain content after moving to new hosting account.

I had 2 hosting accounts, an economy and a deluxe. The deluxe hosts a WP site at the root level. I moved the economy domain to a subfolder of the deluxe account. I then installed WP to that subfolder (as recommended by GoDaddy tech). I migrated imported my old database stuff.. everything looks good. When you go to the root of the moved domain, it brings up that domains WP site. However when you navigate to any of the pages, it looks like its trying to use the root directories' WP site and gives a not found page of the root WP site



root ( folder w/wp

--new domain ( foldler w/wp

 Go to, looks great.. nav to , it brings up not found error page of (address is still in address bar)


not sure what to do at this point. Can anyone help?