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What is the path to mysqldump?

I use Godaddy's Managed Wordpress basic plan with UpdraftPlus backup plugin. Recently, I have encountered an error:


Warning: Table wp_3b9sa7vf3n_postmeta has very many rows (224142) - we hope your web hosting company gives you enough resources to dump out that table in the backup If not, you will need to either remove data from this table, or contact your hosting company to request more resources.


From searching, I found a solution:


"you could ask the server admin where the “mysqldump” binary is found on your webserver, and add a line in your wp-config.php identifying the location:


define(‘UPDRAFTPLUS_MYSQLDUMP_EXECUTABLE’, ‘/path/to/mysqldump’);


mysqldump can dump out MySQL data significantly faster than PHP – but is not found on your server in any of the standard locations."


However, I don't know what mysqldump's path is. Please help!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: What is the path to mysqldump?

Hi, @hieutngn. Welcome to GoDaddy Community!


While I'm not sure it will help with your situation, I can say that the path to MySQL dump on a Managed WordPress account is :


Hope it works out for you!


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Re: What is the path to mysqldump?

Does anyone know the path to mysqldump when using Plesk windows hosting for a php / mysql site?