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Helper II

Why offer account backups if GoDaddy completely and permanently deletes your website?

My understanding is that with a GoDaddy Managed WordPress account backups are included.


However, I was in and out of the hospital over the past few months with a trio of serious medical conditions, and it was hard for me to keep up with emails and such. My credit card for automatic payments to GoDaddy expired (new card issued with new expiration date).


Consequently, my Managed WP account went unpaid for about 50 days. GoDaddy cancelled the hosting plan, took down my site, cancelled FTP or any other access I had to the site, and deleted everything.


Thus, GoDaddy erased nearly 3 years of blog posts; detailed pages that I spent months writing; scores of comments; and external links, including one of my pages featured as a 'solution' on the Google SERPs for a couple of high value keywords.


When I called support the rep said there was nothing they could do about my WordPress site. 


So I'm wondering: What good is an account backup if GoDaddy cancels and permanently deletes your WordPress site, including the alleged backup??




P.S. I have been a GoDaddy customer for at least 12 years. I mentioned this fact to the GoDaddy rep, but he said it doesn't matter.



Mark D Worthen PsyD
Clinical-Forensic Psychology
Helper II

I just spoke with GoDaddy Customer Service. It turns out the site can be restored within 30 days after cancellation (deletion), although it's going to cost me $150 to have it done. I plan to pay the $150 as trying to rebuild the site on my own would cost much, much more (time = money).


I'm glad I can restore the site, although I believe GoDaddy's policy in this regard is quite harsh and unforgiving. I had missed one $14.99 payment, and 20 days later my entire Wordpress site was gone. 


~ Mark

Mark D Worthen PsyD
Clinical-Forensic Psychology