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WordPress Site almost unusable - No resources available

Wondering if what I am seeing is normal. I set up a Wordpress site on a Linux server running cPanel. I went this route because it offered unlimited storage space and I want to use it to display family photos. There are many great photo gallery plugins for Wordpress that I wanted to try out. But as soon as I activate any of them and try the gallery features, the site becomes entirely unresponsive. I even received an email from Godaddy indicating that the site was out of resources, encouraging me to upgrade it. So I went ahead and upgraded to "Resource Level 3". Absolutely NO difference.


I've deactivated and removed all other unnecessary plugins and that didn't help at all. I want to be able to run a gallery where there may be several people at one time looking at photos, especially once I publish it to the public and send out emails to people I know want to see the gallery. But with just 1 user, the site is dead.


Any one else ever see this behavior?

Advocate VI


Is it possible that the resource warning is not even related to the photos? I have had clients sites using WP on Linux hosting that ran into resource issues and it had nothing to do with the size of the site/photos.


The problem we saw had to do with random hackers trying to log into the site, and they were using up bandwidth because the constant login/rejection processing overtook everything else. You can prevent some of this activity through WordFence and similar tools, but it's not 100% effective.


I'd suggest calling GoDaddy tech support (which I always find really helpful). Someone there could talk you through logging into cPanel to examine the actual traffic stats, and that might give you a clue as to the cause.


I should mention that I have NEVER seen the resource allocation issue on a site using Managed WordPress (and I have over 100 such sites at GD, some of which do have many, many photos). It only happens on the Linux hosting, and of course that hosting was not set up for ONLY WordPress, it has to handle other types of sites as well. 


I did try working with GoDaddy support to no avail. The only way I could keep the site usable was to disable all the plugins. GoDaddy claimed it was the plugin I chose, Envira - A top rated WP GallryPlugin. They told me it was bad programming by the plugin provider that used up all the resources. I told them that I tried a half dozen different Gallery plugins and they all bogged down the site. I paid for 2 "Resource Level" upgrades and the site still was dog slow, taking several minutes to perform the initial load of the gallery page. I find this unacceptable as the hosting package I chose is listed as "Deluxe Linux with cPanel".


I wanted this site to be my goto site for displaying galleries of photos that I have taken while traveling. I just got back from Korea and took 1500 pictures while there on my 16MB camera. One of the reasons I chose the package I did was to have "unlimited" storage. I just didn't knew this also meant dog slow storage.


I manage to other "managed" WP sites with GoDaddy and have not run int this kind of behavior. So I think my next step is to call them and see if there is any way to migrate my purchase to a managed site and see how far I get with storage. Right now, I have not been at all happy with their support and am kicking myself for not just setting up my own server in my basement. Money and time wasted at this point.....

@BeagleIL; It may be a Worpress issue, rather than a hosting issue.

Some script may be running a loop or the theme you are using may be really poor quality. Are you using a free theme?

I have been having trouble uploading videos to the post . I am not sure if it would be better to just link it and create a youtube page where I can store all the videos instead of adding them directly to the website .