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Wordpress Migration showing php

I just tried to complete a migration of a wordpress site from a development server I use on ServInt, to a go daddy shared host.  I couldn't use the normal plugin I do when I move wordpress around on my server because it was giving errors (WPTwin, always has issues with go daddy) so I did a manual move.  The site files are moved and the database is moved, but the site shows the raw php for the index and the dashboard. Any ideas? Thanks.

Helper III
Helper III

Re: Wordpress Migration showing php

Normally something like this would be an indication of a missing handler for PHP in your Apache configuration.  Since you are on shared hosting, I don't think that's the case.  Do you have any handlers defined in the .htaccess file at the document root of your shared server?  If so, you may need to remove them.


If that's not the case, I'm not really sure where to go next.  Is the extension for all the PHP files that are displaying the source .php?

Re: Wordpress Migration showing php

As an update, I called into support last night, and after a brief period of being questioned they  uploaded a dummy .php file and it didn't render and they were like, oh wow, this shared host has php 4 on it. That's weird.  So in theory that will get updated and maybe I will have some success.  I will report back and also check out the htaaccess, cause at the point I was at last night, I'll try anything.


Re: Wordpress Migration showing php

To close out.

The upgrade to a modern version of php fixed the issue.  There was a connection issue when it came back up, but that is because GoDaddy doesn't always recognize 'localhost'. Once I replaced that with the database IP everything was perfect.

My Website is Unreachable



I setup my website long ago.  Until, a few weeks ago I wanted to use https:// with my site. I choose cloudflare to do that with, in accordance with GoDaddy(hosting). My website is now unreachable, my files are still with GoDaddy, thank God! If anyone knows how to fix this horrible problem, I am having, it would be very much appreciated.

My website is:


Thank you,


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Re: My Website is Unreachable

Hi @tbitalk,


Your domain name is registered with Godaddy, change your DNS back to godaddy default. If your website files are elsewhere other than with godaddy then you would forward to the DN of the hosted site.