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can I assume GoDaddy wordpress themes will be supported with security updates?

I'm recovering our site from a hack and have removed any plugins that may have been an issue. I've also been told to ensure the theme being used is well written, supported and gets regular security updates. 


So far, I find it hard to determine whether any theme I look at from fits the bill. I was pointed to these through the Jetpack plugin. The others I've looked at are the themes suggested on clicking Add New. Here there are some named by year like Twenty Eleven and others in a tab labeled GoDaddy. I tried looking up the developer of these GoDaddy themes and see they are "by GoDaddy".


My assumption is that these "by GoDaddy" themes may be my best choice and was just looking for some verification. Is it suggested and/or safe to use these themes? Also, if you use other themes, which ones and why?


Hoping to get back up and running again, but want to get it right 🙂



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Re: can I assume GoDaddy wordpress themes will be supported with security updates?



I noticed you've yet to get a response -- so I'll jump in!   WordPress has a pretty comprehensive review process for themes they offer. Twenty Eleven, Sixteen and Seventeen are all WordPress default themes and well maintained.


GoDaddy -- not sure what their review and/or update process is.   Maybe someone will pipe in who knows how that is handled internally.  The thing is you don't have to use those themes -- they are just offered as part of your package.


The best way to determine if a theme is well written, supported and updated when necessary is unfortunately not as easy as it should be.   Your best bet would be to search for the theme name and "reviews" to see what's out there about the theme.   That will give you a good idea of what others experiences are.


For myself, I've tested and played with a ton of themes -- too many to count actually.  And I've learned the hard way and wasted a lot of time (and $) by going too far off the beaten path of well-known and highly regarded theme shops.  Doing so generally leads to problems.  Either the themes are buggy, not well supported or the authors fell of the face of the earth.  Running a professional theme shop is not an easy task and many fail.


That's why I only recommend what I have personal experience with or have used for my own sites. That's the only way to be able to know for sure who lives up to their sales hype and more importantly backs their products with prompt support when needed. 


The good news is there are a lot of great established Premium Theme Shops out there for you to investigate!


HTH! 😉


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